Dagger Up Skull

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This is a meticulously crafted skull with a dagger piercing through its base and emerging from its crown. Each of these pieces embodies a powerful narrative—a tribute to the sacrifices made for love and war, where the skull is meticulously hand-painted to accentuate its symbolism.

Emblazoned with the phrase "Kill Krew," these wall-mounted artworks evoke the transformation of individuals into a collective force, capable of violence, immense sacrifice, and strength when duty calls. This piece invites contemplation on the complexities of human nature and the inevitable intertwining of life and death.

Each piece comes with what you see. Skull, dagger, and wall mount.


*Please allow 5-6 weeks for fulfillment. Once pre-order is closed the process will begin to hand make each single piece. This process takes time, but is worth it.